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Creating your own sell clothes online store on eBay is a great way to earn income on the side and set yourself on the path to financial freedom. But starting out on eBay requires some planning, preparation and a bit of creativity to get your business off the ground. Proper planning and preparation upfront will make you run your store easily once orders start trickling in. With that in mind, here are the tips to start selling clothes online business on eBay:

Before you begin to sell clothes for money on eBay, put your inventory in order

Determine the kinds of clothes you want to list on your eBay store before you start finding buyers. Draw up a list of the type of clothes you want to sell on the platform, including their sizes and other details. Be detailed about your budget and specifications of the clothes you want to sell. This will make it easier for distributors or wholesalers you intend to work with.

Find the right supplies for your sell clothes online business on eBay

Finding the right clothes supplier is critical to your success on eBay. You don’t want to experience out of stock issues; which is why you need a reliable supplier. The supplier should also be able to offer you clothes at reasonable prices that earn you higher profit margins. And when you buy in bulk, they should be able to give you some good discounts.

Shipping is an important aspect when looking to sell clothes for money on eBay

When selling clothes online, you’ll have to deal with shipping. You’ll have to ship your clothes to customers after they’ve paid for them. You’ll also have to ship products from your suppliers. Shipping can add up your overall business cost.  So, make sure to evaluate all carriers to ensure you get one that offers competitive rates on top of quality service. Offering customers low shipping costs can get your store off the ground quickly, and that will depend on getting low-cost carriers.

Keep pricing into perspective before you open your sell clothes online store on eBay

Consider the prices set by other great clothes sellers on eBay and the wholesaler’s prices and set prices that customers will afford. There is no point in setting high prices that no customer will be willing to pay.


The most important thing that you shouldn’t forget is eBay fees. You should seriously consider eBay and transaction fees before you launch your clothing store. eBay may charge you for every transaction and sale you make, which you must keep in mind when pricing your item. And if you’re using PayPal as a Payment option, they also charge a fee for each transaction.

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