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Working on eBook? Here’s some eBooks Website Templates you should look for!

Which eBook you would prefer to read – a book with forced line breaks or book that’s well formatted?

Many people say that eBooks don’t need to be beautiful. Since the eBook readers and apps will demolish their formatting and allow readers to set their desired font and line space. This also suggests that eBook content needs to be flexible within readers preferences and devices. Well, eBooks could be as visually appealing and well formatted as printed books to have more enchanted readers who want to come back for a read!

To create a beautiful eBook is not any easy task, but it can be. With the use of eBook website templates, one can easily generate inspiring eBook for them. But, as an author you should know when to use an eBook template? What are the common eBook formats? Read on!

eBook formats

There are 3 major eBook formats. First is amazon proprietary MOBI format. This is the file type all kindle devices use. MOBI files are basically a variation on the second format, which is EPUB. EPUB, short for “electronic publication” is the industry-standard eBook format. This is the file type that virtually all other e-reading devices use such as Nook, Kobo, Android etc. The EPUB standard was established by the International digital publishing forum, which updates the format regularly. Currently, an eBook should possess great features of EPUB 3.0 standard. With a lot of differences exist between MOBI and EPUB, they basically offer the same thing – a rich, immersive reading experience. At heart, these two formats are bunch of HTML files translated by your device into a book-like experience. The third eBook format is PDF files (portable digital files). It was used to be the preferred eBook format due to its ‘what you see is what you get” format. However, the problem with PDF is they just don’t translate well to mobile devices.

In Shopify you will find a wide variety of templates according to your online store where you will see different categories such as Sell Electronics– E-books – Clothes, among others that will help you make the best decision for your business.

What is an eBook template and how to use it?

eBook templates are eBook layouts packed with mock-up text and stock photos or free to use photos. You can avail eBook website templates simply by downloading, and saving them. Then you can change the text, images and title as per your eBook. Plus,  don’t forget to update the table of contents, and change the metadata as well. After that, all you need is copy and paste your content from word chapter by chapter.

How to bootstrap your eBook using templates?

With many eBook website templates, some offer free templates while some provide low cost eBook templates. Avoid fixed layout eBook templates as book doesn’t adapt well on the phones. Also, it doesn’t allow readers to customize their font and line spacing.

Canvas writer template

Canvas writer template is the premium, popular, top-selling, and responsive eBook template. It offers three types of homepage layouts.

Bookish template

With responsive bookish template, author can create custom sections of eBook including info section, key features section and pricing section.

Book Guide template

With 4 types of homepage layouts, book guide is a responsive and retina ready eBook website template. It also offers two types of book page layouts – one with sidebar page and other with detail page.

Since, there are numerous free templates available that let authors to create eBook on pdf format, while some offer templates to use in PowerPoint. For some, layout of eBook doesn’t matter, while mostly eBook stores don’t accept eBooks in such formats. Therefore, it is advised that prior downloading any eBook, file format should be checked.

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